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new Digital Zenith Benchmark Report

Loyalty during transformation

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Hybrid Networks

The global network service providers are changing.  They are seeking to provide cost reduction, resilience, agility, cloud-readiness and cloud-migration as demanded by their global business enterprise customers.  They are seeking to do this through building trusted partnerships and from the introduction of Software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV).

In the evolution process, it is the combination of MPLS and Internet VPN, known as hybrid networks, that is proving compelling to customers, presently.

Total Telecom Congress


We will be giving a round table on 30th October at Total Telecom Congress and welcome you.  Ocean82 benchmarks your relative, perceived, performance. Its purpose is to help you win, keep and nurture customers in your quest for sustainable, profitable, growth. By gauging the feelings and thoughts of your customers, in relationship to their commitment to your brand and rival brands, you can obtain a baseline measurement of customer loyalty vis-à-vis your competitors. Independently produced research reports are available to download from the online bookshelves. These are accessed by authroised clients after login. 

Reshaping customer experience for the digital age

Transformation in the digital age requires that global service providers earn and sustain the trust of their customers to become valued partners.  This is most clearly demonstrated when they meet customer requirements better than rivals.

Customers rate their suppliers as ‘valued partners’ when there is close cooperation between them to raise standards of performance and service.

Emotion is the force for growth and user sentiment is often revealed at those times during the purchase cycle that most impacts growth.

The report Digital Zenith Benchmark monitors the level of user sentiment towards their global service providers as they seek to maximise customer loyalty.  The unique sum of impressions associated with a particular company, product or service defines the customer experience.

Sharing key components of the method at the Total Telecom Congress roundtable “Reshaping customer experience for the digital age” Janet Watkin will offer insights into loyalty.

Join Janet and other experts at Total Telcom Congress on 30-31 October 2018.



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