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Raising the bar

Evolution to zenith levels requires zenith levels of cooperation. The DZ benchmark shows customer loyalty - a score above the benchmark confirms 'valued' partners and a score below the benchmark 'habitual' buyers. 

DZ Valued Partner

It is our aspiration that large suppliers of Information & Communications Technology (ICT) as a top priority aspire to earn the DZ insignia for demonstrating customer loyalty in their business-to-business markets.


The Future

We believe in growth through innovation. We are driven by a passion to create products, systems and businesses that provide new sources of value for our customers and our employees.

Working with You as Partners

We recognise that in order to be successful, we must work with you to achieve our mutual goals. It is through investment in these areas that we create new value for customers.

Principles of Performance

We embrace a culture of creating the future first, while treating people with respect and having fun along the way.

About Ocean82

Ocean82 is an established marketing services firm specializing in benchmarking the customer service experience for the information & communication technologies industry. It is known for its track record in analysis of competitive positioning, business strategy, branding, post-purchase care, channel management and pre-sales support, among other areas. It has experience in 30 countries and 10 languages, often making Ocean82 the first-choice supplier for organizations requiring international marketing research and analysis covering emerging technologies.


Our purpose is to help you win, keep and nurture customers in your quest for sustainable, profitable, growth and competitive advantage.

Key Facts

  • About 70% of the Fortune 500 business enterprises access, read or use our analysis.
  • A significant number of the major global service providers have been clients since 1994, the year when our founder first started trading.
  • Our database of contacts is regularly updated on our published 'Voice of the Customer' ICT executive level benchmarking results.
  • Our voice of the customer programme usually involves 10 languages and covers more than 30 countries.
  • Our remit is in ICT (Information & Communications Technology) marketing research.
  • The Ocean82 benchmarks are believed to be de facto standards for measuring user experiences in data VPN network services.

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