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Data VPN Operators: World-wide - Brand Advocates Equal Brand Critics

Data VPN Operators: World-wide - Brand Advocates Equal Brand Critics

Nov 12, 2013

NTT Com is seen as the most appealing global brand when compared to the major global data VPN service providers, though it is not among the best recognised global brands. AT&T is the best known brand for global data VPN.

Ocean82 announces today the results of its 2013 study on brand published on 24th October 2013 Global & Regional Brand Tracker: Data VPN. The study evaluates service providers of MPLS and related offerings to see how well known and how appealing the service provider brand name is among multi-national buyers of IT and networked services. Brand recognition is measured on three variables: top of mind, unaided, and prompted awareness whereas brand appeal seeks to determine the ratio of brand advocates to critics, per service provider, and benchmark the service providers against the industry standard.

Brand appeal is measured using the Ocean82 brand appeal index. The industry standard brand appeal index is 50, meaning that half the market are advocates of the global service providers and their collective data VPN offerings but also half are critics.

Major service providers of IP-VPN and related offerings can obtain their ratio of brand advocates to critics and compare themselves to the industry standard, best practice and closest rivals.

NTT Com scores 61 on the Ocean82 Brand Appeal Index, meaning that around 61% of data VPN buyers of global services, among multi-national corporations, who have heard of NTT Com, are advocates of NTT Com, a position that places NTT top of the brand appeal league table.

Results for AT&T, BT, C&W World-wide, Orange Business Services, Level 3, T-Systems, Telefonica and Verizon show striking regional differences.

In Europe, collectively, there are just 36% brand advocates of the global service providers. Only Orange Business Services and T-Systems have more brand advocates than critics in this region.

According to Janet Watkin CEO of Ocean82, “Branding is defined as the process through which a cohesive, enduring iimpression of a business, product or service is formed in the minds of clients establishing over time a unique set of impressions. It’s therefore of value to the service providers to know how the buyers and users perceive their brand, particularly when it is benchmarked against their industry standard and best practice.

The global and regional brand tracker looks at brand recognition and appeal from an analysis of interviews with IP VPN buyers and influencers located in 30 countries. It’s updated every six months to see how brand perceptions change over time. AT&T is most recognised brand in the global data VPN market of multi-national corporations.

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