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Digital Transformation - Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Digital Transformation - Software Defined Networks (SDN)

Aug 1, 2017


The claim from evolving telcos is that their aim is to provide an unrivalled customer experience. The strategic approach, in nearly every case, claims to place the customer at the heart of the digital transformation. Each telco aspires to be truly ‘customer centric’. 

The truth is that change is hard to embrace and many resist it. Silos are difficult to breakdown. In the words of Peter Drucker, the world renowned management consultant, ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ Strong leadership to bring about alignment of people and process to deliver an outstanding customer experience is vital.

Confidence in digital transformation to provide agility and flexibility means much more than offering technological solutions. It means the market must embrace new innovations and organisations must manage demand effectively. In the business enterprise market this is done most successfully through trusted partnerships between supplier and customer. 

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