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Past, Present and Future: No not Scrooge. The Abundance Mindset.

Past, Present and Future: No not Scrooge. The Abundance Mindset.

Jan 4, 2017

During 2016 Ocean82 produced its highest number of charts and graphs on benchmarked customer experience and made them accessible to selected clients through its digital portal CRUISE.

Subscribers browse and download charts. USers add these charts to internal and external presentations to help illustrate perceived gaps in performance. In the global sector ICT clients need easy access to materials that help them win, keep and nurture their own clients.  There is a diverse readership within a large organisation and the power of an independent voice can never be under-estimated. Sales teams, marketing personnel, and those tasked with service improvements will likely find a chart that shows whether they are ahead or behind their competitors on customer experience.

Also launched in December was a new portal Points of View.  http://pointsofview.ocean82.co.uk/  This stores user comments on what buyers and users say they like and dislike about their ICT suppliers and their products. One CIO commented “but they come and ask, What cloud strategy do you have? Do you want to get big data? Or IoT? I’m not interesting in big data, not at all, sounds like I’m going to carry around big sacks of information on my back. What I am interested in is to get that small tiny piece of information that provides me with what I need to take the sharpest decision for my business. That you use the technology of big data to come to that sharp information, that’s one thing but I’m interested in sharp information, so come to me and offer me sharp information, rather than big data and with cloud strategy. Yes I have a cloud strategy -to buy an umbrella. If you see some clouds an umbrella might be a big help to have handy – that’s my cloud strategy”.



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