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Study identifies winners and losers in customer experience for data VPN & Hybrid networks

Study identifies winners and losers in customer experience for data VPN & Hybrid networks

Oct 1, 2016

Ocean82, the leading customer experience benchmark firm, specialising in Information & communication Technology (ICT) user opinion analysis, published recently its 21st edition of a detailed global assessment of major data VPN service providers: Benchmarking Customer Experience.

Multinational Business Enterprises are tough critics

The study highlights the high percentage of brand critics among the high-end business-to-business user population. It reveals that despite the emergence of customer experience as the most desirable differentiator in the digital transformation era, few operators are succeeding in providing an exceptional user experience and many are perceived to provide a barely acceptable one.

The multi-national enterprise market for MPLS and hybrid networks is fiercely competitive and highly complex. With sophisticated requirements and committee decision making a characteristic feature of the buying cycle, benchmarking the customer experience helps buyers and sellers alike to see how they are perceived in the hearts and minds of customers.

Janet Watkin, Director at Ocean82 says “Day-to-day experience overrides marketing communications in its importance for building brand. Most global service providers believe that creating a positive customer experience should be a higher priority than marketing communications when it comes to brand building but they are finding this very hard to achieve in reality.” 

The brand tracker section of the report shows that the market for global data VPN, hybrid networks and related services has about 53% brand critics and 47% brand advocates. Most of the market believes that service providers do not listen, show arrogance and charge too much.

“Day-to-day behaviors just do not seem to embody the brand promise” continues Janet Watkin, “there is a lack of a single unified voice across departments, an internal disconnect. This is why a branded customer experience benchmark is so valuable, it helps show how effectively operators align customer expectation (the brand promise) with customer experience. The digital transformation seems to raise expecations about an improved customer experience but there is little evidence of any marked improvement in user perceptions, it seems user are becoming less satisfied overall. The sheer level of change observed among global providers is hard to manage. Entrenched attitudes are difficult to shift. The evolution from technical standpoint to a customer centric standpoint requires behavioral changes and these are often lag behind the rhetoric of senior managers.

The Ocean82 index, a single number that measures how effectively user experience matches user expectation is a gauge of who is mostly closely seen to be implementing a customer centric organisation.    

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