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The tight embrace of cooperation and competition

The tight embrace of cooperation and competition

Sep 5, 2017

A metamorphosis is underway in the telecoms industry which began in recent years.  The customer expects agility and cost reduction.  To thrive the network providers must find a way to provide it and at the same time remain competitive. This is not proving easy.

Evolution requires mutation, selection and time. Business evolution is not different. The closer the fit to its environment the more successful the business performance – until the environment changes.  

The competitive landscape has changed and is continuing to change, largely due to disruptive technology and its adoption.

Digital transformation is seen as the savior for global network service providers in the business-to-business sector, but it is hard to define, hard to measure and even harder to implement. It also means the service providers themselves must transform.

To measure business evolution and orangisation fit to environment there are four critical areas that count:

  1. Change (innovation, merger & acquisition)
  2. Selection (who to consider and first purchase)
  3. Replication(buying more/contract renewal)
  4. Co-operation (mutual benefit)

Through the supply of hybrid networks and the introduction of Software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) global service providers are confident that they can become the trusted partners that will confer mutual benefit.

To assess the global service providers and their perceived successes on their digital transformation journey a new study is to be launched later this year.

The differentiator in this latest study is a methodology that uses a new scoring system that determines the level of cooperation between supplier and customer at each stage of the business development process.

In the words of Peter Drucker the renowned business consultant ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’.  To produce a customer centric organisation, that underpins digital transformation, often means undertaking a cultural transformation.  This is much more difficult than is often realised.

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