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The World-Class Insignia

The World-Class Insignia

Nov 6, 2012

The Highest Accolade Distinguishing Frontrunners Emerging from the Bunch.

Ocean82 announces today the results of its 2012 study on the customer experience. Two global data VPN service providers emerge as frontrunners in the quest to win the hearts and minds of customers. Both Verizon Business and Orange Business Services earn the accolade World-Class.

The beauty of the analysis is its relativity”, commented Joseph Ferri, Chief Relationship Officer at Ocean82. “It benchmarks relative perceived performance to position service providers in the market place and its adaptive, evolutionary design gives readers clarity on what matters most to customers. The comparative performance of major global operators on these important customer priorities is surely one of the very the best measures available to predict sustainable competitive advantage.

The study compares and contrasts eight global service providers. It is particularly valuable to both service users and service operators because it establishes a world-class benchmark against which performances can be monitored over time to test the impact of improvements on user opinion.

"It is clear that a relentless focus on adding value to customers results in sustainable profitable growth but this is easier said than done for most service providers.” Joseph Ferri added. “Therefore, it is not only essential to measure customer perceptions on all aspects of service but also to effectively benchmark these against best practice. In their quest to outperform rivals service providers need an independent assessment of their relative competitiveness to gauge the impact of service levels on customers. This understanding is essential to help align offerings to requirements and manage expectations.

To qualify for this rare and prestigious world-class stamp of approval an excellent level of customer satisfaction and high predictions of organic growth must be demonstrated. These predictions are derived from peer recommendations, intent to renew contracts and declarations to buy more services.

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