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Ocean82 Index measures customer loyalty.



The unique selling point for Ocean82 is that its independent analysis of user experiences is available to purchase off-the-shelf as standard reports. This level of independence means Ocean82 is trusted as impartial and objective. A standardised methodology permits cost-effective comparisons of competing suppliers. User perceptions of quality, price and service are assessed against benchmarks. The reports are published at regular intervals and provide a snap-shot of perceived performance at a particular point in time.

Ready-made reports

Publications that either profile specific ICT service providers or compare a basket of suppliers comprise a set of ready-made standard reports. Clients can download their reports from the online library.

Dynamically compiled reports

Dynamically complied reports are aimed primarily at buyers of ICT networks and services. The data underpinning customer satisfaction, from bid to bill, is stored in a database. Simply by highlighting your top purchase requirements you can find the providers most suited to your requirements, as rated by your peers. By highlighting the service providers you wish to compare you can create your own comparative charts, at the click of a mouse.



Assembled for you

Service Users

Today is all about partnership and trust. As you seek to grow and build your business you need to know your suppliers have your interests foremost. An effective method to check this is to review their performance against the industry standard and against alternative suppliers using The O-Wave.


A low cost partnership improvement chart to share with your service provider(s) to help them deliver to your expectations. Learn more.

Service Providers

Most of our customers use voice of the customer analysis across many departments to help gauge the impact of strategic initiatives or improvement programmes on customer perceptions over time.  The results are organised into themes or packages of information so that messages are relevant to the target audience.

  • Executive Briefing
  • Highlights
  • Succinct Results
  • Current Situation
  • Predicting Frontrunners
  • Improvement Priorities
  • Movement Analysis
  • Customer Journey
  • Differentiated Customer Experience
  • Brand Appeal
  • Total Brand Experience


Tailored for you

If you require a market research study, in the business-to-business sector, that is ICT related, please get in touch, especially if it has a strong international component.  Our expertise in gathering and analysing primary data, in 30 countries and 10 different languages, is a core competence.