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Benchmark - the authentic measure of customer care 

Today is all about partnership and trust. As you seek to grow and build your business you as a customer need to know that your supplier has your interests foremost. In the digital transformation age service level agreements do not work effectively to give you an improved service. They are about punitive penalties for failure and not about mutual benefit for sustainable future success. What does work? The-O-Wave. Why?

  1. It has 'buy-in' from your employees - they engage in rating the suppliers

  2. Its simple - you get to see how your supplier performs against the industry standard on your service level criteria.

  3. It tracks change over time - it shows if your provider is staying ahead of its competitors in those areas that matter most to you.

  4. Its inexpensive - with a high impact return at strengthening relationships

  5. It is very quick to deploy and use.

  6. It highlights which service providers are committed to 'aligning experiences with expectations' through their display of The-O-Wave logo - the authorative beacon of who among the suppliers are truly customer-centric suppliers.

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